1092/5000 【Dialogue Jimmy Choo Master】

NetEase style: just how much appreciate shoes? Really like to what extent?

Jimmy Choo: like to in some cases come back to the exhibition, the footwear are going to be placed around the bed above, read and see will sleep. My wife will say in the morning, you even need to sleep with footwear.

NetEase style: why could make so many girls crazy jimmy choo shoes?

Jimmy Choo: Mainly because I am incredibly careful, and fashion designers, every single year there are actually two exhibitions, I’ll give them jimmy choo shoes. Later, those people today see these footwear, it is like. I was 11 years old with my father and mother to style footwear, stunning, strong. Like meals, jimmy choo shoes also require to cautiously study.

He discovered lots from his parents a strong simple abilities, and after that to the London Institute of Viadas College to study the style idea. I saw the girl wearing footwear, I understand that her footwear are usually not match to wear, I saw a girl breakfast this morning down the stairs, the jimmy choo outlet appear to fall, mainly because she is usually a foot significant one foot modest .

NetEase fashion: how to find inspiration?

Jimmy Choo: Just about every time you travel to distinctive nations will see the buildings, people’s clothing, will likely be photographed having a mobile phone. For instance, I reside in a different hotel, incredibly stylish and elegant decoration, I’ll appear for inspiration in the auto above. I’ll alter it and put it in my footwear. Especially, which include the developing is quite particular, we discover the stability in the constructing into the heel above the style, or draw inspiration in the color on the hotel, applied to the shoe color design.

Netease fashion: the course of action of designing shoes fascinating?

Jimmy Choo: There are instances to do a superb job style,cheap jimmy choo shoes need to be straight away brought towards the Usa show field, in search of are certainly not located, and later discovered that my daughter took the shoes inside the subsequent attempt, when we are scared Is Khan. At that time she was 14,15 years old, then like jimmy choos shoes.

NetEase style: style idol who?

Jimmy Choo: My style icon is Princess Diana, she gave me a great deal of encouragement, I designed her footwear for seven years, she is my sophisticated.

(Jimmy Choo
made footwear for Princess Diana for 7 years)

NetEase fashion: essentially the most satisfactory functions?

Jimmy Choo: I design footwear for 40 years, I have a pair of footwear I like, I really feel really valuable, is developed to Diana Princess last flat footwear. Since she is quite higher, she doesn’t look fantastic on their own feet, by no means put on slippers at dwelling, they put on jimmy choo flat shoes. Numerous people today known as to ask if I could sell him footwear, or to contribute towards the museum. But I’m not willing to give them. For the reason that Princess Diana seven years are very concerned about me, such as my parents. Princess constantly assistance me with my bag, with me back to my car or truck.

(Zhou Yangjie Princess Diana for the
style of your last flat shoes)

NetEase style: there are going to be an apprentice? What would be the criteria for picking an apprentice?

Jimmy: In my country, Malaysia, they get in touch with me “shoes king”, but I think I’m nonetheless an apprentice.

The typical of option is to operate tough and innovative suggestions, probably the most vital factor is not stingy, usually do not listen to other people’s criticism. I by no means hurt students and family, I do not blame them, simply to say what I choose to say.

NetEase fashion: there will probably be no reservation to teach students?

Jimmy Choo: Yes, I can unreservedly teach him, not afraid of him more than me, but he should know how to Thanksgiving, drinking water. Don’t know how grateful folks can not walk also far.

2243/5000 Netease fashion exclusive dialogue Jimmy Choo: Diana is my elegant

Jimmy Choo has constantly been a smaller favorite brand of footwear, this time the opportunity to become capable to close the interview towards the brand founder, together with the style guru dialogue, Xiao Yi was incredibly excited.

9:00, NetEase
fashion arrived in Beijing East Third Ring Westin door, you will discover about half an hour in the appointment time, Mr. Chow has been dining, agreed time 1, he as well as the assistant from the restaurant down the stairs within the hall look about. Tiny easy to promptly go as much as meet him, he saw us, even though everyone and our team shook hands to say hello, when extremely gentleman to produce “please” gesture, let us first.He is humble, sincere, and appreciates and respects others.“You are welcome to play later in Malaysia.” Jay Chou

stated using a smile on the day on the interview, the globe more than sixty world-class masters spirit filled with gas, his face has been hanging smile, treat people warm as well as really feel flattered.

On the day on the interview, Jimmy Choo sale seriously with not very fluent in Putonghua answered every single question, it really is concerning the interview is smooth, but in addition kept asking photographers do not need to have to record their very own again, he “thank” “hard” Inside the mouth, asked us have to have to drink a thing, air conditioning temperature just isn’t acceptable.

Every person seems to be together with the “Thanksgiving” speak to, typically talked about his “Bole” Princess Diana, Jimmy Choo will be very excited, eyes in fantastic faith, he remembered every detail to have as well as the princess, Using a chat will laugh, “how can a princess can do that.” Right now, he still took the Thanksgiving walking within the style from the road, modest straightforward to ask: “If the collection of a woman currently “I will pick out today’s Australian Deputy Prime Minister,” Chou replied that the explanation is extremely straightforward, simply because she received many occasions Jimmy Choo, she liked the footwear also appreciate his design, and Jimmy Choo is extremely grateful that this Love.Mr. Zhou who would have guessed

incorrect his age, and in some cases a number of people quipped and asked him, “You preserve the secret of your young? Is there a recipe?” He admitted that is certainly not angry, respect for other individuals, he will since just before The team works are certainly not satisfied with the criticism of other people, attack other people, angry, and later felt that this may possibly only design and style idea is just not fantastic communication, after which work with people today to maintain a respect for other individuals, their very own is often content state.“Others smile at you, you smile response.”

In the dialogue with all the tiny uncomplicated the identical day, he did so.【Only

advanced customization, worth of capabilities and innovation】“Creativity

is very critical, to become able to surprise.” Talking with Jimmy Choo process, modest quick to really feel his genius inspiration, but when he described: “technology and innovation are equally important”, which can not help but think about the former Two days of Beijing Institute of Clothes lectures, he used dozens of seconds to complete a sketch from the hand-painted jimmy choo shoes, swing freely, neat lines, the audience are all praise his students skills.

(Jimmy Choo
within the Beijing Institute of Clothes lectures on dozens of seconds to draw the manuscript)Jimmy Choo was founded in 1996 by Jimmy Choowith all the British Vogue magazine editor Tamara Yeardye Mellon co-founder of your co-founded. From the “Sex along with the City” inside the actress Kylie filled the streets shouting lost Choo, to Diana Choo personally for the toolbox anecdotes. Jimmy choo high-heeled shoes with its sophisticated high-heeled footwear, walked in to the hearts of just about every girl to turn out to be their dream of footwear brand.

(Jimmy Choo classic style, which left a “Sex
as well as the City” within the actress wearing shoes)

Even though Jimmy Choo footwear are nonetheless filled with beauty girl’s vision, but given that 2001, the international shoe manufacturer to purchase Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo name, then only Jimmy Choo Couture brand footwear is Jimmy Choo’s own design and style footwear. We’re now normally referred to Jimmy Choo is Jimmy Choo London, is the amount of factory production shoes, though still high-priced.When the

rapid consumption also occupied the fashion circle, the significant brands need to market share and began to move from the luxury to civilians, Jimmy Choo insisted on generating handmade footwear, he is now only sophisticated customization, tailored according to every single customer’s foot, Will only meet the “perfect foot type” of the girl. Needless to say, this also prompted Jimmy Choo Couture to develop into among one of the most high priced footwear brands, about a number of thousand pounds, about 5 pairs per week, the royal family, nobles, celebrities are brand advocates. “I desire to guarantee that I do shoes, other folks can put on 5 to 10 years.” Jimmy Choo on their very own production of footwear high quality is quite positive.

As a
modest interview is a temporary interview, to not inform Mr. Zhou Jiefeng with some functions, but the day in the interview, he nonetheless ready two pairs of footwear and an album.

This really is his 11-year-old when he gave his mother’s footwear, give the mother’s birthday present, however the photo of this jimmy choo shoe is two years ago he and his designer Illiza Ho together to complete a new version. Jimmy choo shoes outlet are a puppy pattern, for the reason that in Malaysia, men and women believe that cats and dogs usually do not get sick, so as a symbol of overall health.

This original jmmy choo shoe is
in the Isca, Zhou Yangjie is its chief design consultant, Guangzhou Isca designed to supply studying platform for students to return to China to accomplish the design,

This can be certainly one of the pictures in the album, is held within the UK Student Design Competitors (The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers) following the dinner shot, left is Jimmy Chow’s wife.

Jimmy Choo is
inside the UK to study and entrepreneurship, he said that expertise let him from a shoemaker into a designer. Due to this, he saw the energy of education, in recent years he started to market the international style improvement and education exchange integration. The cover of this album is often a picture of Jimmy Choo outlet and the student style contest winners. (The Worshipful Business of Cordwainers) As he mentioned, “Nowadays, additional and more folks inside the UK have learned to drink tea, and Chinese and Western cultures will get far better and better.”Immediately after the end from the interview that day, Jay Chou promptly on their very own backpack, to send us downstairs. This could not assist but make small uncomplicated to consider the previous Princess Diana will be carrying Jimmy Choo’s toolbox sent him towards the car next for the anecdote. Maybe, this really is the habit of every distinguished particular person, fancy to spend, respect for other folks as a treasure.Jimmy Choo’s

own good results simply comes down for the effort, however the compact two-day exposure to his let me think that his achievement will not be just difficult work, together with humility, sincerity, know how to Thanksgiving and respect for other individuals.

Jimmy Choo finally did not hold back,Involved in marriage market,Release wedding shoes first.

If ask the bride what most favorite brand of high heels want to wear in the wedding, all the bride’s answers are not escape Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, RogerVivier and JimmyChoo these brands. Although these shoes brand is the bride’s most loyal wedding partner ,happens to not have a brand specifically to create wedding shoes series. Now, finally there is a brand decision to do people who eat crabs, and that is Jimmy Choo!


JIMMY CHOO is undoubtedly the actress on the red carpet of the expedition of choice, recently, all the women love the shoes brand launched its first BRIDAL series.


This series is and wedding brand Monique Lhuillier together, models dressed in Monique Lhuillier 2016 bridal collection, foot Jimmy Choo bridal series, but also how beautiful? Is simply the dream of all women’s wedding dress good!


This series of shoes, including four pairs, are mainly white color. Of which two pairs of high-heeled sandals, two pairs of pointed shoes, pointed shoes, there is a pair of flat shoes. Although the style is small, but does cover all the needs of the bride.


Street out to earn enough to keep returning! This is the charm of Jimmy choo high heels (with HK price)

Jimmy choo is the initially to know that a hot Korean drama “from the stars of you!” Jimmy Choo outlet is Jimmy Choo and his English name named world renowned footwear brand. As well as shoes, jimmy choo shoes also operates bags, perfume and other items. What are the classic models of their property?

There Huang Xiaoming and angelababy wedding jimmy choo wedding

Jimmy Choo is Jimmy Choo and his English name named
globe well-known jimmy choo shoes brand. In addition to shoes, jimmy choo also operates bags, perfume and other goods.

What would be the classic models of their property?
Anthracite Lamé Glitter Pointy Toe Pumps

Cost: HK $ 6200

This cheap jimmy choo shoe is in the “you from the stars,” following a thousand song through the Iraqi into a hot shoe, Xiaobian I still remember the time from the professor righteous words, stated: “I did not take your jimmy choo shoes “In the finish was a large number of praise in their very own shoe inside out of time

White Lace Pointy Toe Pumps

Reference Price: HK $ 7360

Red Suede Pointy Toe Pumps

Reference Price: HK $ 5900

Tea Rose Metallic Coarse Glitter Fabric Pointy Toe Pumps

Reference Price: HK $ 6180

Petrol Coarse Glitter Fabric Pointy Toe Flats with BowDetail

Reference Price: HK $ 5700

Jimmy Choo and UGG cross-border cooperation in the most influx of new snow boots

With the cold wave of a wave hit, quite a bit of influx of individuals have already stepped on the early fall and winter favored snow boots. But look about, nearly a pair of ordinary people feet UGG snow boots isn’t slightly boring? Don’t worry, right here recommended to absolutely everyone Jimmy Choo and UGG cross-border cooperation inside the most influx of new snow boots, leopard tail, rivets, tassels , Many different components in the autumn and winter to force a sizable one-time recommendation!

Star shape rivets
throughout the upper, within the hale to add a touch of cute cute. The usage of tassel boots mouth decoration, exactly the same rivets trim, while the sense of the pursuit of technology to improve style sense, in order that a pair of ordinary UGG snow boots suddenly Chao Fan ears.

Animal pattern
elements in the autumn and winter of this year continued to heat, clothing, accessories, bags, can think about all of the locations covered with a wide variety of animal lines. Preferred animal pattern Jimmy Choo this time he applied to the snow boots, black and white stripe pattern, also decorated with rivets, the trend of self-evident.

Knit series of snow boots
happen to be applied towards the snow boots earlier within the design and style, but this time added a new trend element – tassel. Burlap pattern of woven snow boots complete of national demeanor, the side of the tassel decorated with small stones, whilst walking in the swaying brilliance, for the national wind into a glimmer of luxury extravagance.

1365/5000 “Towards Five Nine Nine” “She’s Pretty” hit Jimmy Choo and fire again

Recently, the hot Japanese drama “towards the five-night nine handsome monk fell in love with me” has turn out to be a hot topic, the male god Yamashita Tomohisa play monk not just can get married, also sitting on the whole temple of actual estate, with private aircraft, car is Ferrari, full And though the people all day wearing robe chanting, however the fashion taste can also be very good, for the very first time to give the couple a pair of Jimmy Choo appreciate higher heels. Coincidentally, in an additional hot Korean drama “She is quite beautiful”, we found that Jimmy Choo would be the protagonist of high heels would be the preferred present, really, this year, gifts sent Jimmy Choo ah.

Gao Fu Shuai monk to send the heroine Jimmy Choo

In Japan, monks can not spend taxes, and considerable income, free of charge adore to marry, in the “five-night nine handsome monk fell in enjoy with me,” this Mary Su-style comedy, played by Yamashita Tomohisa actor although it seems A stupid silly monk, but the financial staggering, but also highly educated, graduated in the University of Tokyo Division of Buddhist culture and philosophy, the color value is also incredibly higher, in adore with all the heroine, the various stalker, roses, high-level cuisine Present constantly, which contains a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels, people have to sigh, monk’s taste can be genuinely good ah.

Monk Jimmy Choo
footwear provided to the lady, the external network price: about 3760 yuan

“She is quite beautiful” great girlfriends also sent Jimmy Choo

“She is quite beautiful” is the current hot Korean drama, that is also often appear in a selection of style large, which, the principle lady Xia Li gave Huizhen higher heels is Jimmy Choo champagne pointed high heels, sparkling champagne truly good.

Jimmy Choo champagne pointed
high heels, external network cost: about 3247 yuan

In that year’s “from the stars of you”, a large number of Song Yi also via comparable models oh.

4-inch heel to Princess Diana also fascinated

Why is Jimmy Choo so well known? For the reason that this brand of high heels to comfort, Diana Princess is really a wear for 7 years. In accordance with the Italian media on the famous social star, ladies do a special survey, as Jimmy Choo brand supporters, which include Juliana Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts and other female stars that Jimmy Choo, are made use of in “design elegant” “comfortable” this keyword.

Jimmy Choo
design shoes is definitely the major philosophy of elegance and comfort, he produced the shoes as an art, in accordance with each person to design and style a distinct foot shape, 4-inch high-heel could be the largest of his design functions. In his eyes, four inches is a balanced height, both to sustain beauty, it will not be as well high and have an effect on the overall health on the human foot.

“The trend
in the fashion industry is changing swiftly, the bulk, using the ultra-high and so are usually not mainstream, the mainstream will always be comfy.” Jimmy Choo stated, to sum up the brand’s charm, extremely straightforward, which is “attractive upper design and style, On the father’s traditional encounter and hand-made shoes to put on will adapt towards the shape on the foot, the additional through the more comfortable.

In 1990, Jimmy Choo brand founder Jimmy Choo in the popular British designer Thomas’s assistant suggested, was invited to Kensington Palace to view Diana. Young Princess opened the closet, so that Jimmy Choo to view her skirt with what shoes. Chou painted some sketches on the spot, Diana booked six pairs of footwear. This intimate customization lasted for seven years.

Jimmy Choo Cinderella’s Crystal shoes come to be Angelababy’s wedding shoes

Jimmy Choo has a well-liked movie “Cinderella” created a particular custom version of Cinderella crystal footwear and Angelababy in October wedding around the choice of this pair of crystal shoes as wedding footwear.

CINDERELLA crystal high-heeled
footwear priced at about 20,000 yuan, the upper decorative thousands of different sizes Swarovski crystal

Regardless of whether or not high-fu handsome monk or a fantastic girlfriend send you a pair of 4-inch Jimmy Choo high heels, you deserve.

Wear Jimmy Choo high heels comfortable

Jimmy Choo is in all probability the world’s most well-known shoes, attractive cut and may be the most comfortable higher heels, no wonder inside the “Sex as well as the City”, Sarah – Jessica – Parker will scream within the play “Do not take away my shoes (Jimmy Choo) “.

Jimmy Choo
is definitely the planet popular Chinese footwear designer, is Princess Diana’s Queen footwear designer.Jimmy Choocould be the planet popular Chinese footwear designer, is Princess Diana’s Queen shoes designer. Jimmy Choo explained that these footwear deserve to be permanently retained, beautiful, fit, wear, it is actually the cost of the price of this shoe, the value with the shoe may be the most costly footwear on the planet, .

Jimmy Choo
Style draftBorn in Malaysia Jimmy Choo

shoes could be described as monasteries, the shoemaker’s father taught him footwear in the urine, with excellent cutting technologies and style, he effectively admitted to the University on the Arts, which in a chance opportunity to understand Dai Anna Princess, and turn into the Queen’s designers. Each time Princess Diana to purchase new clothes, and Jimmy Choo will talk about the design and style of new footwear, to match the clothes.

Tamara Mellon
Speaking of Jimmy Choo’s

good results had to mention Bole Tamara Mellon, when she was the British version of “Vogue” fashion editor, met Jimmy Choo decided to offer up just after the tall function, and he co-founded Jimmy Choo brand. Royal, nobility, celebrity star is not its advocates, moreover to beautiful low-key design, but also because it would be the most comfortable shoes. Inside the 83rd Academy Awards, more than 40 actress Jimmy Choo stepped on the red carpet. Madonna married stepping on a pair of Jimmy Choo into the church, and now have already been relish.

Emma Watson wearing Jimmy Choo, with black and white dress
is very elegant.

Kim Kardashian dress has
generally been bold, silver Jimmy Choo complete sense of avant-garde.

Nicole Kidman in 2013 for Jimmy Choo shot
a large, red hollow higher heels attractive wild.

Hillary Duff
can also be a Jimmy Choo enthusiasts, go buying and like to wear red carpet.

“From the stars of you” is
virtually a Jimmy Choo promo, a huge number of Iraqi footwear are mainly wearing Jimmy Choo.

Fan Weiqi wearing yellow and black and white Jimmy Choo,
together with the very same colour of the dress appear stylish and elegant.

Large S wear Jimmy Choo4 inch (about 10 cm) high heels, despite the fact that high but will not hurt, as a legend.

This Kate Princess Roland Mouret
high pants dress has been put on for many years, from the silver with the Jimmy Choo high-heeled shoes and clutch, show unique style, when once more get the complete house.

Jimmy Choo 2014 cruise

Jimmy Choo shoes, true and false identification tutorial

Founded in 1996, Jimmy Choo is really a Malaysian Chinese designer Jimmy Choo’s brand from the very same name, attractive and sophisticated style style, filled with charm. Early royal aristocracy to supply customized shoes, has now turn into a cover shoes, purses, perfume along with other merchandise of high-end brands. Jimmy Choo shoes to high-heeled footwear style, the ultimate line of rich and stunning, is often a lot of stars, fashion persons to attend the event an excellent choice. Such an excellent shoe naturally attract a large number of imitation goods seem, I sorted out several points to identify the true and false Jimmy Choo footwear for your reference.
Very first, on the origin of Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo shoes was founded in London, England, the origin of women’s footwear are mainly Italy, a modest volume of Spain. China has no Jimmy Choo footwear OEM, naturally there is certainly no Jimmy Choo outlet original single mentioned. Genuine Jimmy Choo footwear soles as shown under, also towards the capital letters JIMMY CHOO and LONDON, there are Produced IN ITALY (created in Italy) and shoe size. Note: If it is leather soles will be with “VERO CUOIO” letter mark.

check the work of Jimmy Choo footwear. Jimmy Choo shoes are largely top rated calfskin leather, trim and other processes are very complex, exquisite workmanship. High-quality rubber soled shoes, high heels also have superior comfort, the very first time you could dress to adapt to your foot kind. Not like the rough imitation of shoes only to put on precisely the same shape and let the tortured feet as uncomfortable.
Third, the genuine Jimmy Choo’s insole will
ordinarily have white shoes on both sides of the regular stitched inside the insoles. Note: capital letters JIMMY CHOO below must have a smaller sized capital letters LONDON; two letters O is round; letter C has a clear but slight barb; letter H horizontal position isn’t higher. This applies to check Jimmy Choo shoes shoe box, dust bag, sole and other signs of your location is appropriate.

verify Jimmy Choo sale shoe box and dust bag. Authentic Jimmy Choo onlineshoes shoebox mainly lavender or white, box on each sides on the front and the center position has JIMMY CHOO and LONDON bronzing letters mark.

Shoe side
of the white label, there’s a corresponding shoe code, serial quantity and material and other data, generally there will probably be a dealer bar code and cost tags. As shown below:
Authentic Jimmy Choo footwear are equipped with dust bag. Note: the center on the dust bag JIMMY CHOO and LONDON letters are right; dust bag is equipped with tape in lieu of rope tightening.

Friendly reminder:
the net includes a separate sale seriously Jimmy Choo shoe box and dust bag, so the shoe box and dust bag is truly can not assure that the footwear are correct. But the cheap jimmy choo shoe box and dust bag is false, then the footwear might be false.

90 seconds to know that wearing Jimmy Choo high heels will not hurt

Jimmy Choo is the world famous Chinese footwear designer, is Princess Diana’s Queen shoes designer. Jimmy Choo explained that these shoes deserve to be permanently retained, beautiful, fit, wear, it is the price of the price of the shoe, .

Born in Malaysia Jimmy Choo shoes can be described as monasteries, the shoemaker’s father taught him shoes from the urine, with excellent cutting technology and design, he successfully admitted to the University of the Arts, which in a chance to know Dai Anna Princess, and become the Queen’s designers. Every time Princess Diana to buy new clothes, and Jimmy Choo will discuss the design of new shoes, to match the clothing.

Speaking of Jimmy Choo’s success had to mention Bole Tamara Mellon, when she was the British version of “Vogue” fashion editor, met Jimmy Choo decided to give up after the tall work, and he co-founded Jimmy Choo brand. Royal, nobility, celebrity star is not its advocates, in addition to gorgeous low-key design, but also because it is the most comfortable shoes. In the 83rd Academy Awards, more than 40 actress Jimmy Choo stepped on the red carpet. Madonna married stepping on a pair of Jimmy Choo into the church, and now have been relish.