90 seconds to know that wearing Jimmy Choo high heels will not hurt

Jimmy Choo is the world famous Chinese footwear designer, is Princess Diana’s Queen shoes designer. Jimmy Choo explained that these shoes deserve to be permanently retained, beautiful, fit, wear, it is the price of the price of the shoe, .

Born in Malaysia Jimmy Choo shoes can be described as monasteries, the shoemaker’s father taught him shoes from the urine, with excellent cutting technology and design, he successfully admitted to the University of the Arts, which in a chance to know Dai Anna Princess, and become the Queen’s designers. Every time Princess Diana to buy new clothes, and Jimmy Choo will discuss the design of new shoes, to match the clothing.

Speaking of Jimmy Choo’s success had to mention Bole Tamara Mellon, when she was the British version of “Vogue” fashion editor, met Jimmy Choo decided to give up after the tall work, and he co-founded Jimmy Choo brand. Royal, nobility, celebrity star is not its advocates, in addition to gorgeous low-key design, but also because it is the most comfortable shoes. In the 83rd Academy Awards, more than 40 actress Jimmy Choo stepped on the red carpet. Madonna married stepping on a pair of Jimmy Choo into the church, and now have been relish.

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